Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Toys R Us

Dear Toys R Us,

I would like to complain about your recent policy change regarding returns. Returning a gift without a receipt should not be looked upon like it were a felony. I understand the need to protect yourselves against thefts who try to return stolen merchandise, I do. But I. AM. NOT. ONE. OF. THEM.

I am not a theft and do not appreciate being treated like a piece of trash stuck to the bottom of your lowly shoe b/c I do not have a receipt

I am a parent trying to return a gift that their toddler has no need for. I am a parent that would happily take a gift card for the purchase price. I am a parent that would turn right around and spend that gift card on another toy purchase.

Thank goodness WalMart carried the same toy and happily exchanged the gift for a gift card with A SMILE ON THEIR FACE!!! Thank goodness there is still a store in the world that doesn't ostracize parents who don't have the balls to ask for gift receipts with every gift given.

Never thought I'd see the day where I would be thankful for WalMart... but screw you Toys R Us. I'm going to Wally World instead. Besides, their prices ARE cheaper.

Peace Out.


tamara said...

They treated me much the same way today, and I had a freaking receipt. They did not have the exact same remote control truck my son got (that didn't work, by the way) and I wanted to exchange for another that was $10 more, and the girl at the register had to go get manager approval. APPROVAL for me to spend MORE MONEY in the store than I originally did. Are you kidding me????? I hate Toys 'R Us.

Cris said...

I hate Toys R Us as well. Avoid is as much as possible. But they aren't the only ones who treat people without a receipt badly. I remember having a verbal throw-down with a "customer service representative" at Target before their gestapo-esque return policy was formalized. You can only exchange within the same department there. Insane.