Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Dell

Dear Dell,

I know that you are especially busy this time of year. You've got tons of orders for techy Christmas gifts and amongst them, is mine. I happily built a new computer that would replace my old laptop that has one foot in the grave. I clicked and ordered and now I must wait.

Apparently, I must wait until after the 6th of the New Year for my new computer. I plead with you to reconsider your shipping date. I plead with you because I have a blog to update and readers to please. I plead with you because I must email new photos of my daughter to her grandparents. I plead because I have articles to write, photos to edit and mostly I plead with you because I am like a child and hate to wait.

Just think about how happy it would make me to find the UPS man at my door with boxes addressed for me next week instead of next month (!!!!). I would rejoice as I set everything up and wrote my little heart out. I would smile everytime I booted my computer up to work on photo coloring. I would sing Dell's praises to everyone that listened. I would be happy.


A Loyal Customer


Elisa said...

yeah Dell, come on – it's Christmas afterall! How would you like it if we kept all your Christmas presents until after New Year's? Which we might just do because if you don't send NYTM her laptop you are going on the "bad" list ;-)

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL Good luck!! Just hope that don't ship UPS. You should see what TOYSRUS sent us in time for Christmas. Soaking wet but on time SIGH

AmberP said...

hehe I agree with that! I definitely love that letter :)
I hope you get your computer super soon!
Thanks for checking in on my blog!

Alexis said...

Oh Computer ... Oh Computer Oh I love thee! LOL just a little jingle for you.

Fingers crossed it's a nice surprise for Christmas.

Thanks for checking out my blog and the crazy snow for the holidays we're getting.

Meaghan said...

i saw a comment you posted on someone's blog about living in FL b/c no snow! me...texas! thanks for my comment! i can't believe i'm saucy!

Yaya said...

Should have gotten an Apple ;)