Monday, December 29, 2008

21 Months of Fun Fun Fun

Dear Roo,

I know I'm late with this months "Letter to Roo," but as you known we've been B.U.S.Y. With the holidays, our trip to Grandma's, shopping, etc... we've been beyond swamped. But you've handled everything I've thrown at you (not literally thrown) like a champ. I'm happy to say that beyond the temper tantrums you throw (literally) when I place you in a shopping cart, you've been an amazing toddler.

Speaking of the whole shopping cart thing, I need to know: when will it end? The only shopping cart you will allow me to place you in is the racing cart at Publix. This aversion to shopping carts has dampened my shopping spirits and you know how much Mommy loves to shop. Hopefully it won't last, or all of my favorite shops will buy racing car shopping carts for me (doubtful).

You took your first train ride this month and you were a champ. The 8+ hour ride to Grandma's was long, but you made yourself at home running up and down the aisles and snoozing through two states. At Grandma and Grandpa's house you had a blast tearing through everything. Grandma's poor Christmas village didn't survive, sadly. In your wake you left three headless horseman, one amputated policeman and two horses without manes. Grandma could've cared less though, she was elated that you were there and I imagine that if you would've push her Christmas tree over, she wouldn't have cared.

You've also learned new words this month, Abby and Apple being your favorites. You're also able to identify all the Sesame Street characters and find items Daddy and I ask for.

We continue to be amazed at your learning ability and pride ourselves on thinking you'll be the smartest toddler in the world. Of course, smarts is not the only thing you have. Cuteness is everywhere when you're here. Your smiles are breathtaking and your laughter is like bells. Daddy and I will do anything to make you smile and laugh and even if you're misbehaving a smile will make our anger disappear.


We love you so much Roo.


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Jennifer said...

Aw--that's a such a sweet letter! Sounds like you guys have been super busy--I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

I feel your pain on the shopping cart thing--the only thing I can think of is to whip out some distraction while placing her in the cart (lollipop, little toy) and then maybe once you start moving she'll be into it? Good luck!!