Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terrible Two?

A while back I taught my daughter a silly gesture that is now coming back to haunt me.

No, I didn't teach her the finger... yet.

I taught her how to blow air through her closed lips and make a silly sound. When she learned this cute little trick, I was in awe. Both of us would collapse into giggles when either one of us did it. It was a never-ending game of fun for us and a great way to pass the time if we were bored.

Of course, now she loves to do it all the time. Especially during dinner.

She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to make this noise when she has a full mouth of food. This morning it was blueberry applesauce and very cold. Tonight at dinner it was peas.

I've created a monster.

The problem isn't that she's being creative and having fun. The problem is she's wasting food! No, the problem is I'm not sure how to react to this. Half of me is giggling along with her, but the other part of me kinda irked that she's doing this while we're supposed to be eating. I'm not sure if I should discipline her. I've tried to ignore her, I've tried to tell her "No" and I've even had Daddy step in and tell her it's not a smart idea.

She could care less.

Should I?


Jennifer said...

Well, I think the novelty will wear off soon enough--so I would continue to ignore it (though I'm sure it's hard not to laugh!).

~ said...

I am just a giggling right now. I taught my niece that cute trick years ago. My sister just loved it soooo much, I had to teach it to my nephew seven years later. Where is the fun in being the Auntie if I can't teach them terrible things and then send them home to my sister? She should have thought twice about stealing my She-Ra dolls growing up.

I agree with what Jennifer said in her comment. Eventually the novelty will wear off... and as my Mom always says, "Choose your battles carefully and with young children choose the ones you know you can win." Good advice? I don't know, but it seemed worth repeating.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I, too agree with Jennifer.

You commented above me on SITS so I thought I'd come say HELLO!!!