Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sleep Issues

Sleep issues have plagued me since the day Miss Roo was born. While it took 12 months for the little chicken to sleep through the night, she rarely falls asleep on her own. Typically, she falls asleep in my arms after (or during) nursing. This routine of ours doesn't bother me much, but I have a sinking feeling that I'm setting her up for some kind of ... disaster. Like she'll be 13 years old and refuse to fall asleep without my aid.

So when Kristen posted about Sprout and their web-cast hosted by Jenni Waldburger, a pediatric sleep specialist, family therapist and cofounder of Sleepy Planet. I decided to sign up and see if I could fix this problem... nip it in the bid.

The web-cast will take place on November 12, at 2pm EST. You can register online to participate and maybe, just maybe, your sleeping issues will be solved!

Here's to hoping.


Rachel said...

i could start this post with some ridiculous advice on what worked for my 10 month old, but lets face it, every baby is different. i am sure it will happen for you guys, just give her some more time. :)

Posey said...

What if the kid sleeps like a champ and the Mom stays awake? Any help?

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I'm so sorry you are having a hard time in this department!! I wish I could offer some advice, but I can't. We are SOOOO blessed to have a child who has always slept through the night...not to our credit, it's just totally her.

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh yeah, it took awhile for mine too... then I sometimes missed that holding! LOL It's always greener I guess. I'm sure she'll be just fine, all kids do things at different times :)

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Good luck with that!
She's still young so you can train that little mind to do what you want.