Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Search Begin

Christmas is exactly 36 Days 11 Hours 11 Minute away.

Last night I realized just how quickly those minutes will tick away and I started to panic. What the hell am I going to get everyone for Christmas? When I sat down to write out the names of everyone in my family, my eyes just got bigger and bigger. When the hell did my family get so large?? And when did my wallet get so small?

I have 20+ people to purchase gifts for and that doesn't even include my hubby and my daughter.

Did I mention I'm a SAHM and possess no income (besides the 46 cents I've made since joining BlogHer)?

The plan (so far) is to purchase gifts for those who hate homemade gifts (i.e. nephews and nieces) and everyone else gets something made with L-O-V-E.

Now, I'm a creative person and being married to a fantastic photographer comes in handy, but will everyone really covet the black and white photographs of the Roo? Or should I get really creative and break out the paintbrushes and canvases? I could sew?

Oh, such decisions.


Jennifer said...

Maybe you could do some fun Photoshop stuff w/ the photos--that could be cool.

I'm getting panicky about gifts too...

Kristy said...

Crap...the holiday's again...now I have to have spare presents for people that pop up that I forgot to buy for...I better get on that one!

Toots said...

I'm totally with you on this one . . . I haven't even bought one thing yet and I'm sure if I actually made a list I would have 20+ names as well . . . our family had a little talk earlier this year about presents, so we are going with the "buy for the kids not the adults" christmas this year. But to answer your question . . I think it's totally okay to give photos of your "Roo" as gifts . . . that's what I'm probably going to do . . . good luck!

sassy stephanie said...

We are dipping pine cones in scented candle wax then wrapping them in pretty fabric. Fire starters. Thank you neighbor that gave me the idea!