Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Lord

The other day I was working on a lease agreement for the farm, when my laptop's screen went black.

Black as in the kiss of death black.

I tried to restart it and got the message: No bootable devices.


So I dig out my manuals and discs and hunt through them hoping for something, anything, that will help me solve this problem. Of course, the manual was no help and the disc were crap. I did find a picture of a disc from Dell that said I didn't need a device cd or a restore cd b/c the programs were installed on my laptop.

The laptop that refuses to pass the screen that says: NO BOOTABLE DEVICES.

Yeah, how is that PC Restore icon going to help me if I can't get to it?


Yeah, so I'm screwed. If my laptop crashes I lose EVERYTHING. The pictures and videos of Roo for the past four months, my Internet favorites, my manuals, EVERYTHING!


I'm praying my IT guy can help me... but I'm having problems finding him of course.

Egh, pray for my laptop girls, please.

Thankfully I have a desktop on the farm that has Internet connection. :) There is one shining button in this mess.

Enjoy your shopping today!


Rebecca said...

OH NO!!!
I hope you have a good IT guy! I have one if you are in Massachusetts!

I will be praying for a safe recovery of all files! =)

Rebecca said...

OK, I just saw you comment that you are in FLA. I will be in the Daytona area.....are you near there?

Pink Ink said...

Oh no! Good luck!!

That's my biggest fear.