Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Four

Today is day four of weaning.

So far, it's been okay, with the exception of day two. Day one, three and four were great. Day two was a bad day. Not for Roo, not in the least. But day two for me was HORRIBLE b/c my boobs were achingly full (is this too much info?), so full that it was painful. I couldn't even pick up my daughter without cringing in pain. And I'm a klutz by nature, so I managed to impale my boobs on everything in a ten mile radius.

Today, my boobs are doing so much better. No where near as full as day two, or even day three for that matter. It seems they are playing along just nicely and can read my brain waves (It's possible, right?).

We're down to nursing two times a day and she is handling it like a champ, much better than myself. I make sure to hide my boppy pillow, have a sippy cup on hand and have a full bag of distraction tricks. Occasionally, she will crawl up into bed and search for the boppy pillow so as soon as I see this, I snatch her up and take her outside to play.

I'm thinking that next week we'll try and drop the naptime feeding... this could be a disaster b/c she nurses to sleep a lot. I'm not looking forward to this.. at all.

Here's to hoping, right?


Rebecca said...

I am glad it is going good! I remember those days. Keep positive! You can do it!

Tulsi said...

I only nursed my oldest for a month and neither one of us liked it. I do remember the horrible full feeling. Ouch.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Mandy said...

I remember weaning both boys. My first son was easy, with virtually no pain. Son #2 was not so easy. I was so engorged. Alas, it was all overwith quickly. It's a tough thing to do. Good Luck.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the 'saucy' love!

Pink Ink said...

It'll be so worth it...hang in there.