Monday, November 24, 2008

Crash, Bang, BOOM!

This was a helluva weekend for Miss Roo.

This weekend was the proof that she inherited my klutzy gene.

It started on Saturday when I was brushing her hair. She has a little step stool she stands on while I clean her up for the day. Well, that day she decided she didn't want to stand still while I pulled her hair into pigtails. Before I could react, she'd slipped off the stool. She managed to slam her chin into the counter top corner and bite her tongue in the process.

There was blood everywhere!

That evening while we were tooling around the barn in our truck, Roo was standing on the seat (Yes, I know my child should be in a car seat, even when we're just driving around in the pastures) and Mr. Me had to hit the brakes in order to avoid hitting something, she flew forward and slammed her face into the dash. Thankfully(!!!), she only bruised her forehead and got a little cut above her eye.

Then, to top it off, yesterday while she and I were enjoying the weather down by the pond, she fell face first off a chair, right into the dirt. Nothing like a mouthful of dirt to make a toddler happy.

During all of this, I was right with her. I was right there, but I wasn't fast enough to prevent any of these accidents. Sometimes I feel like a horrible Mom b/c my reaction time is so slow. All it takes is a second for something to happen to her. and it takes me two seconds to react. I truly do feel horrible.

My little nugget is a strong chicken though, minutes after everything that happened, she's up and running around without a care in the world. Thank goodness someone in this family is tough!


Lynette said...

showing you our bloggy love via PINK INK

After The Blackbird Sings said...

Move love...

Pink Ink said...

Oh, no! There was a time in my life when it seemed we were always taking our kids to the e.r. I half-expected the doctors to call social services on us.

It's a good thing she is a tough little thing.