Saturday, November 29, 2008

All About Me Me Me

This is my 91 post since starting this blog and originally, I had planned to do my big 100 post as the 100 Things You Were Just Dying to Know About Me! But I thought about it and figured who the hell wanted to read a long ass post like that?

I would hate to write it as well! Talk about a never-ending post, huh?

So I decided that I would take the next ten posts and give you a little bit at a time. Good idea, huh?

Okay, so I present to you 100 Things You Were Just Dying to Know About Me: Part 1

1- I am a compulsive doodler. I can't leave a blank piece of paper alone. I feel the need to cover every inch of it with smiley faces, flowers, sayings, etc.

2- I prefer driving old Ford pick-up trucks to the fancier cars of today.

3- I do my husband's homework for him.

4- I hate flying in small planes... so much that I threw up all over myself once when my husband took me flying on our anniversary (How Romantic, huh?).

5- I always visualize falling when I'm running.

6- I'm addicted to Coke, McDonald's Egg McMuffin Sandwiches and Chocolate.

7- I hate wearing shoes.

8- I live on a horse farm and don't like horses very much.

9- I miss my grandfather very much.

10- I always take pictures of my feet so I can documents where my feet have traveled.


There you go. Part One of 100 Things You Were Just Dying to Know About Me.

Exciting, huh?


Rebecca said...

OK, I not sure how to email you.
I will be in New Smyrna from Sun-Fri! I think we will be close to each other! Daytona may be a 1/2 way point!

Rebecca said...

I love your 10 things! Some made me giggle. Having a horse farm and not liking horses.
I hate wearing shoes too! I can't wait to be in FLA and wake around shoeless without freezing!

AudreyO said...

Wondering how small is a small airplane? I live in Santa Barbara. When we have to fly down to Los Angeles, it's a very small plan, seats about 20 or so. It's noisy and small and I just hate them but sometimes it's necessary.

Kristy said...

I love how you live on a horse farm but don't like horses...that's great!