Sunday, November 16, 2008

20 Months

Dear Roo,

It seems like I just wrote your 19 month old letter yesterday. I tell myself every month to be prepared that time with you flies, and every month I forget. Maybe I'm just in denial? Maybe I don't want you to grow up so fast. Maybe I want to keep you as my little chicken nugget forever?

Or maybe not... Maybe not b/c I am so damn excited about watching you grow up. My favorite thing about this process is re-discovering everything through your eyes. As an old lady, I tend to take for granted all the simplest things in life. Normally, I don't look at a butterfly fluttering by like you do. I don't stop and examine the texture of every tree in the front yard. But lately, as you discover, I discover. I get down in the dirt with you and let every grain of sand fall between my fingertips. I stop and watch as planes fly above our heads and chase grasshoppers as they bounce through the yard. I love watching the sheer, simply joy that animates your face as you watch cats stretch in the sunlight. I share your giggles when you tease the dogs with sticks.

With you, I slow down and take the time to enjoy life and I thank you for that. Thank you for teaching me that life isn't about making it from one place to the next in the smallest amount of time. Thank you for showing me that stomping on perfectly built sand castles is fun. Thank you for dancing in the middle of the road with me and twirling in circles until we're both dizzy.

Thank you for being my daughter.



Jennifer said...

Very sweet letter!! I don't know how the months go by so fast--but they do!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

I can honestly say that because so many people have warned me of how fast they grow up, I have been treasuring every moment with my 14 month old. I am completely embracing the experience. Your letter is a beautiful reminder to us all to savor all the joyous moments of motherhood.