Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Ignore Me, Please.

Ever since my daughter has been born people have been contradicting everything I say. If I say I'm not spoiling my daughter, they say I am. If I say her hair is thick, they say it's thin. If I say she's not chunky, they disagree with me and point to the rolls in her thighs.

It's an endless cycle that does nothing more than piss me off. Don't you think that the one person that knows her own child best is her mother? Don't you think that the one person who knows what is best for her own child is her mother?

I understand some mothers feel the need to push their thoughts and advice on others. I know some mothers have good intentions and hope their words of wisdom will ease some suffering or sleepless night.

But the others are just attempting (and successfully) pissing me off. The others want nothing more than to brag or put you down in order to make them feel superior.

I know what vegetables are best for her. I know her sleeping routine best. I know what pisses her off, calms her down and just what spot to tickle to make her laugh.

Not you.

This mother does not need your unsolicited advice or suggestions. This mother does not have any desire to compete with you or your star-child. This mother does not care if said star-child can speak eight different languages. This mother is happy with her child just as she is and everything about her daughter makes her blissfully happy.

So please, if you see us walking down the street and you're tempted to comment on how crooked my daughter's pigtails are or that the shoes she is wearing aren't conducive to proper foot growth, please don't. Or that my roots are showing or that I have snot on my clothes, keep it to yourself.

I honestly could care less.


Gaspegirl said...

Hey there, I am just stopping in from SITS and I won't dare make a comment about raising your child but I will about your blogging -- I think that this entry is a great, truthful entry and I loved reading it! You said it like we think it!

Make it a great day!

Erika said...

You've been pimped!

Denyse said...

Isn't it amazing/frightening what strangers will say? My husband was a minister when my children were smaller. Church people can be the worst!

Chelle said...

Oh my god, you totally just described my mother-in-law. She is the type of person who contradicts EVERYTHING I say or do with regard to my children.

It has taken me twelve years to learn to ignore her but, now, when she speaks I mostly just hear a steady stream of la,la,la,la in my head.

Works wonders.

Posey said...

I hear you! I get so annoyed with people try to tell me what's best for my child (because although I've raised him for 8 years without incident, sort of, I obviously need their input.

AndreaLeigh said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! I hear you on the unsolicited advice... at that point I think I'd get a little snarky and tell them to mid their own business!

aGirlNamedJane said...

I love this post and I completely agree with you!

I ran through a coffeeshop this afternoon to get some water and juice for my sick little one on the way home to avoid getting out of the car with her.. long story short, she was stripped down due to getting sick on herself moments earlier, and the KID at the window proceeds to tell me to get clothes on my child because it was cold out.

A Starbucks KID is going to tell *me*, her mother, how to take care of my daughter?! I proceeded to tell her she was way more qualified than I to parent her and next time she gets sick, I'll be sure and let her sit in it, regardless of the weather.