Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Watch Out Below!!

This past week there has been a lot of noise outside our house. We're talking trucks, chainsaws, construction workers and heavy equipment. Since we live on 24 acres of peace and quiet, this is rare. So rare, that all the dogs don't know what to do and figure barking along with all this noise is a good idea.

Why all the noise you ask?

Well, it seems that the huge, tall tower in the property next door needs some work. Translation: the tower is leaning 9 feet to the left and without this noisy work, it will crash on to our property.

Work away, I say! Work away!

I'm at a lost for why it's leaning. We haven't had any major hurricanes lately, no one is out digging holes around the guide wires (unless my dogs have gotten loose without telling me) and we've ceased on all the off-road racing around the base of it years ago.

And who didn't notice it leaning, besides me and my family. I mean, someone has to have a job where they monitor these things, right? Some guy gets bad big bucks to drive around in an air-conditioned truck and measure? Right? How does this guy figure that leaning even the tinest bit is okay? Why wait until 9 feet?

Maybe it's in the handbook... Section 108, Paragraph 23, 3/4 of the way down the page: If said tower is leaning between 1-8 feet to either the left or right, Ignore. If any further than 8 feet, bring out the calvary.

So pray along with me that this work is done and the tower that powers everyone's cell phone and god knows what else, remains rooted to the ground, standing erect.

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verygoodyear said...

Ohhh geez. I wonder if the city even noticed it themselves, or if a citizen finally called in and was like "Uh hey, not to be paranoid or anything, but I think have the Tower of Pisa happenin over here..."