Thursday, September 25, 2008

Roll Roll

Roll roll... roll off the bed.

She did it.

Roo rolled clear off the bed the other night. From a dead sleep, she rolled up over the stack of pillows we'd placed around her and down to the floor... the hard floor.

Dear Lord.

We co-sleep and have never had this problem before. Normally, she stops if she runs into a pillow. Not the other night... and not last night when she attempted to roll over my husband in her sleep.

Is this normal?

Do 18 months start rolling over human beings? Has her instinct to roll taken over? Is this normal? Did I start rolling when I hit 18 months and my mother forgot to mention this fact to me? Is there a chapter in the baby books I missed?

I'm kinda scared now. I mean, should I try and get her back into her crib (where she sleeps like CRAP!!)? Should I buy railings for the bed (which, by the way is a king size bed)?

We bought a railing for the bed months ago when she first started co-sleeping with us, but we felt like we were turning our bed into a crib and didn't want that.

I've always had the idea of buying a twin mattress and throwing it on the floor for her. Or maybe I should just go ahead and buy a toddler bed for her. Honestly, we like having her in our bed. It's quite convenient to be able to roll over, cuddle with her, kiss her, all those things she won't let us do during the day.

Egh. Any tips? Suggestions? Help! :)


Simply Stork said...

wow that is a tough one...I remember when one of my kiddo's were really little...they learned to stack things up in the crib and escape...this was not safe so we moved the "baby" to a cribless bed that of course the baby fell off of...needless to say the crib matress on the floor worked for a couple of months...

hope you find a solution soon :o)


Erika said...

I would think about a toddler bed rather than trying to get her back in the crib now. Also, it won't take her long before she quits rolling off the bed. They learn fast.