Sunday, September 21, 2008

The New Baby Smell

In honor of Kristen and Rebecca's pending bundles of joy, I give you my warm, fuzzy new baby memory.

When we bought Roo home from the hospital, she was this tiny little baby. All fragile and sweet-smelling, we were positive we would break her somehow. We'd never been so nervous in our life and that first night home, all alone just the three of us, we kept looking at each other wondering if we were doing it right.

That first night was such a big mess. Roo refused to sleep in her crib, the bassinet, our bed, anywhere...except my arms. It was exhausting. I could barely keep my eyes open and every time I put her down, she'd wake up SCREAMING! So we compromised, she slept in my arms while I stayed up all night and watched paid programming.

It was the first of many nights that this happened. But in the middle of never-ending yawns, snores from my sleeping husband, and bad acting about spacebags and pimple creams that I connected with my daughter.

She would wake to nurse and as I held her, our eyes would meet and everything around us would disappear. My heart would swell, tears would form and fall, and my stomach would develop butterflies. She would stare at me as if she was telling me that as long as we had each other, the world would have order.

Now, she's an independent child of 18 months that is running endlessly and would rather chase dragonflies and frogs than put up with my never-ending kisses. But occasionally, she'll let me hold her longer than necessary and our eyes will meet and I'm reassured she's still my little girl.

I wish you both nothing but sweet memories of your newborns.


Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by Momma In Flip Flops2, please stop by again soon.

Love your about me... it's good to be the oddball out. =)

I nursed my first until he was 22 and only quit because my daughter was due in two months. We love co-sleeping. Good for you!!!!!!!


Thank you. Thank you. I can't wait :).

Meaghan said...

Congratulations on being such a great, loving mom! I'm a new aunt and I just can't get enough of the little pumpkin.

I was diagnosed with end stage cervical cancer at 28 and told I could never have kids. It makes me sad but reading about how much other moms love their little ones bring me so much joy! Congratulations on your gift and thank you for loving her so much!

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Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday...100 things and being saucy was a lot of fun!!

Love you blog!!