Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is There An Off Switch On A Toddler?

This morning we had an early playdate. Normally, my child sleeps in until 900 or 930am (she doesn't go to bed until 1030pm) and mean mommy had to get up her at 800 to make it to our playdate at 900 in Winter Park. Let's just say Roo does not appreciate being woken up before she's ready.

It took me about fifteen minutes to get the tears to stop and for her not to freak out on me when I set her down. Of course, I freak out whenever I'm running late, and running late we were. I rushed everyone through breakfast, filled the diaper bag with everything we could ever possibly need and corralled them out the door.

I get halfway there when my friend calls me and says, "Are we meeting today? I thought it was tomorrow?"


Luckily, she got her baby up and ready and was only fifteen minutes behind me.

We had a playdate at the park on Park Avenue in Winter Park, which is a great little area with tons of fabulous shops. There are not any playgrounds or swings there, but there are squirrels and my Roo loves to chase squirrels. So we walked, window-shopped, chased squirrels and sweated our tushies off.

It. Was. Hot.

It was so hot that as soon as we got home from the playdate, Roo and I both crashed for early naps. We skipped lunch, turned down the a/c, crawled under the covers and snoozed for two hours.

I am still dragging ass from this and of course, my energized toddler is making it her mission to pull every DVD we own off the shelf and on to the floor.

Is there an off switch on her somewhere? Anyone?

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Aubrey said...

Sounds like a great day!

BTW, if you find that switch, will you please let me know?