Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alpha Mom?

A while ago I found this article about Slacker Moms vs Alpha Moms. As I read it, I noted I was a mix of both. Meaning, as an Alpha Mom I desired nothing but the very best for my child and always made sure her socks matched before we walked out of the house. I brush her teeth, comb her hair, give her one nap a day, three meals a day and read to her everyday.

On the other side, the slacker mom in me is relaxed and lets certain things be as they are and refuses to follow a set schedule. The slacker in me lets my daughter watch cartoons, splash all of the water out of the tub during her bath and nurse whenever she lays eyes on her boppy pillow.

I'm sure if I had to pick, I'd claim myself as a slacker mom, but the word slacker brings to mind a mom that doesn't care. Slacker makes me think lazy rather than laid back. Slacker sounds like a label.

Why don't you just observe my parenting ability and simply call me: Mom.


verygoodyear said...

First: thank God my husband is a physics major, because this automatically makes him the math and science resource in this house and I will NEVER have to help my children with those subjects (unless it involves cool science projects, cause I love those).

Second: "Slacker" does have all sorts of negative connotations. But, so does "Alpha" -- it reminds me of pushy, nasty, holier-than-thou L.L. Bean mommies.

I wonder what I'll be like.... (I am definitely a slacker mom to my dogs)

FarmGirl said...

I am definately not alpha...but Slacker seems a big negative..I am thinking subjective, easy-going...ya, that is me...or what I try to be!

Welcome to SITS...I love the 18mos age..mine is 10 now!! YIKES

klynch said...

I'm thinking alot of us are in the middle were not Alpha but also not the slacker .. both don't sound very good. Welcome and look forward to readin more of your post love the 18month old beating you up I had that experience also but it did subside after a few head butts went wrong but as you will see they do try it again ever so often.

Erika said...

I would have to go with Relaxed mom, which is definitely what I am.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

Have you seen the site http://offbeatmama.com (login: mamasays / timeforbed)? They're still in the "soft launch" period, but I think you would enjoy (and identify with) it very much :-)