Wednesday, September 10, 2008

26.2 Miles of Peace & Quiet

About two months ago a friend of mine, Mom of Two, mention she was doing a half-marathon this year. She inspired me to start re-thinking my running goals and convinced me to do a full marathon with her in 2010.

I've always wanted to be a hard-core runner. Currently, I'm a medocre runner. I've been addicted to running since my brother became a state champion runner while in college. I loved that he could just go out and run... and run... and then run some more. He was such an inspiration to me that I started running as well and fell in love with it. I could tie on my shoes and just take off for long runs, short runs, speed runs, whatever. It was so freeing. As I ran I could forget things, or hash them out in my head. I could recite historical facts in my head or sing along with my ipod.

When I got pregnant it was in the dead heat of a South Carolina summer and temperature were well above 100 degrees, so I stopped. I'd read somewhere that overheating your core temperature could harm the baby. So I stopped running and didn't start again until she was born. It's taken a lot of time to get comfortable running again. All my extra weight sorta slows me down...

Anyways, I'm back and I'm in training. I've got two full years to get into fighting shape for my goal. I am sooo excited about this.

Wish me luck!

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tamara said...

Good luck!! I was Erika's inspiration (I think), and I have since bowed out due to injuries upon injuries. Hope your attempt goes better than mine!!!